Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Die die die

Die die die die die die!!

May you DIE in a heinous fiery car wreck the likes of which no amount of cheap insurance could ever fix! Progressive ads make me pine for the old Geico ads...and that's sayin' something! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

HP. Gouge. Err, Invent.

I just saw an HP commercial on TV that said "ink" and "a great bargain" in the same sentence. After I cleaned up the Diet Mtn. Dew that I spewed all over my coffee table, I couldn't fire up this blog fast enough.

HP. Ink. Bargain. Bwahahahahahahaa.

I've had the painful misfortune of dropping $35ish for one crappy little HP black ink cartridge a few times. That's JUST the black...the color cartridge is as much or more. And then it prints nicely for about 5 pages before the cartridge clogs and the dreaded missing lines begin to appear. Apparently HP puts a coagulating agent in their ink as a nice little "screw you" after the initial gouging.

I just don't print stuff anymore. It's not worth it. There's probably an 1/8" of dust on my vintage (that is, ugly) HP inkjet printer. Turns out it's less painful to just memorize pages and pages of stuff than it is to try to legibly print them.

Thanks, HP!